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Strategy & Management Consulting

AMC delivers insightful management consulting services enabled by best
practices and technology solutions that automate processes and expose actionable intelligence.

Andrew Morgan Consulting delivers insightful management consulting services enabled by best practices and technology solutions that automate processes and expose actionable intelligence.

The fundamental difference in our consulting approach is we first develop an understanding of the human dynamic in an organization, followed closely by the strategy of the business, which informs the solutioning and plans for the future state.  Our consultants become an extension of your team and our subject matter experts possess a deep understanding of your industry and methods to improve your business. Our solutions  are often organizational, process oriented, or technological in nature and they are always transformative.

Our success comes only when you have experienced transformational change measured by cost savings/avoidance, time savings, or improvements in quality. Our solutions effectively inform key people, enable better decisions and optimize performance.

Strategic Communications

AMC utilizes only the most experienced communications professionals to serve it’s client base in their challenging StratCom requirements. AMC possesses deep experience managing major StratCom campaigns and initiatives within DoD and other federal agencies. Our communications efforts align first and foremost with the core values and priorities of our clients, utilizing a nuanced approach for narrative development, coupled with the ability to scale production to meet any client need.

Strategy Consulting

AMC understands that strategy begins and ends with the Mission, Center of Gravity, and Core Values of an organization. AMC develops and promotes daily awareness for the mission including the alignment to the organization’s strategic plan. This connectivity is critical to maintaining the “center of gravity,” from which strategic thought is developed and values are born. The core values are then used, in conjunction with the organizational mission, to ensure planning goals and subsequent efforts are in complete alignment. These values are constantly revisited during the course of a planning effort.

Customer Experience

AMC’s approach to customer experience is a culmination of more than 25 years experience coupled with the best practices of industry leaders. We have refined the art of creating a positive customer experience both within an organization and with customers outside. The concepts are the same with some minor nuances with respect to access and communication. AMC plots the path to positive customer engagement to sustain growth.

Systems Thinking

In creating a better tomorrow for an organization, AMC comprehends the complex nature of change. We take a holistic approach to analysis often using a top down and bottom up approach to understanding the system of systems that exists. We seek to inventory the components of a system, understand their context in the larger system, explore their dependencies, and monitor how they work together over time. With this understanding, AMC guides our clients to better decision making and plans that align with the overall strategy.

Strategy Enablement

Our experts understand that it means nothing to adopt a strategy and not align it with an action plan. These action plans often include a multifaceted approach to success. AMC is adept at prioritizing, sequencing, and managing to completion. We handle organizational, process, and technical improvement engagements in a graceful manner to achieve the projected outcome.

Change Management

The driving force behind effective implementation of major initiatives and cultural change is direct communication with stakeholders. AMC’s change consultants engage with key leaders, build rapport, develop consistent communications to mitigate issues such as the impact, expected outcomes, and risk mitigation around technical and process improvement initiatives. AMC leverages our extensive history with Lean Six Sigma and ProSci best practices to deliver well communicated initiatives that bring credibility to trust to the leadership of your organization.

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