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Transformational Outcomes

Here at AMC, we treat your line of work as our own.We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisory. 
We are poised to take the digital journey alongside you to make the difference in an average performing business and a market leader. 

Industries & Missions Transformed

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. We approach our engagements with the mantra that we are responsible for creating measurable improvements to your business or we have failed.

Healthcare System Optimization

The healthcare industry is under intense pressure to improve outcomes using less resources. Healthcare systems maintain an enormous amount of multi-structured information that is not often easy to correlate across the enterprise. AMC’s experienced cloud app and data engineers couple their expertise with our healthcare subject matter experts to leverage data and other innovative technologies to identify opportunities for optimization, improve the quality of the clinical outcomes, and provide a better customer experience. AMC enables health system administrators to rely on their data for mission optimization, decision making, and information sharing. Our team has completed multiple app dev and data services implementations building, enhancing, and advancing data environments leading to highly effective data driven processes. This includes our work supporting a public health organization on their nationwide health services optimization program where we ingested data from 150 source systems and created over 8,200 accurate reports and artifacts to inform their decision makers during their refactorization of the entire health system.

Portfolio, Program, Project Agility

AMC’s metrics-driven Integrated Agile Management Framework (IAMF) integrates proven Agile best practices with technology accelerators to assist VA in implementing disciplined, comprehensive, and flexible portfolio/program/project management processes. IAMF features a tailored Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) approach, coupled with data repositories, communication strategies, and knowledge management tools and processes, designed for large, highly interconnected networks of projects. It is an adaptable, cross-portfolio asset that drives consistent delivery, responsive execution, and high quality. The AMC IAMF supports the implementation of increasingly mature and cost-efficient management services across a wide range of projects going forward and enable our team to succeed in a decentralized environment. IAMF addresses our client’s goals of balancing centralized efficiency with localized excellence of service to each line of business.

Digital Strategy

At AMC, we consider technology to be a fundamental enabler of successful organizations. We understand what to analyze to facilitate the determination of your digital strategy. We seek to understand your competitive landscape, cultural nuances, business environment, and human capital disposition to assemble a roadmap to success. AMC helps organizations maintain a high level of digital ambition and manage the digital transformation effectively. AMC thrives at the intersection of business and technology.

How can we help you?

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