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U.S. Census Awareness Campaign

Team AMC’s Strategic Communications Practice is led by Senior Communications Specialist, Pete Buttecali, who personally led a complex, nationwide marketing campaign designed to educate and inform citizens about the importance of the approaching Census.

PWS Sections: (Advertising Services), (Media Buying), (Public Relations Services/Outreach), (Promotional Materials), and (Graphics Design)

Challenge: Census Bureau sought maximum participation from its citizenry to most accurately determine the population and demographics of the U.S., thereby forming the backbone for the distribution of services from the Federal Government.

Solution: Pete produced over 300 ads in six different languages, aiming to reach multiple disparate ethnic groups in their native languages. Mirroring with AMC’s current methodology for Strategic Communications, Pete worked closely with the client, as well as supporting producers and photographers, to deliver an extensive and consistent body of work in a very limited window of time. The resulting campaign consisted of four parts: awarenessmotivationconfidentiality, and follow-up. For each wave, Pete developed and managed the creation of marketing materials of various shapes and sizes, including media purchases in ethnic newspapers and magazines, as well as billboards and banners installed in strategic locations in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York City.

Benefit: Census Bureau achieved its goal of 74% mail-in response rate, thereby reducing the number of households requiring in-person visits. “We are very pleased with the public’s response to the 2010 Census, and these results demonstrate that the public stepped up to be counted,” Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.

Note: Pete Buttecali leads AMC’s Strategic Communications Practice, which supports VA and NASA on a daily basis. Prior to arriving at Andrew Morgan Consulting, Pete built a career resume leading some of the best communications teams in the nation.  His diverse StratCom credentials include multiple nationwide communications campaigns, high-impact website enhancements, large-scale project management, and high-end creative design for countless commercial and federal customers.